This is for you if you have an amazing product... that people would LOVE.

They just need to know about it. Problem is... you're super extra busy. 

You do not want to learn it all, you want the RESULTS without sacrificing more of your precious time.

We buy your products and sell them in Amazon USA, Canada, and Europe stores. ALL products we carry are best sellers in their categories. We are extremely picky about who we work with, but once you are on board, your success is inevitable. 

This is a low risk, low time, great rewards option for you. All you have to do is send pallets from your plant!


Escuminac maple:

Tutti Gourmet:



This is an application based service. We need to review your product to see if it is in line with our brand. We also ensure all our partners that new brands will never compete with their products, so if we already sell in your category, we can not help you. 


We are looking for unique and delicious high end food products. 
We LOVE a heartfelt story. For us, buying a product with a meaning and real people behind it is very important. So if you have a unique  to share, we want to hear it!!

The following are a plus, but not required: