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Does this sound familiar?

  • You are a small business with an AMAZING product
  • You want to wake up everyday to new sales without having to work 80 hours a week!
  • Your time is precious and you want to spend more of it doing what you love
  • You've looked at Amazon, but felt too overwhelmed by its complexity
  • Or perhaps you are already selling on Amazon, but the sales are just not what you expected!

The problem is

I understand what it feels like to have a winning product...If only more people knew  about it. 

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Many businesses generate great sales on Amazon...but the right strategy is needed!


Together, we will cover the 3 pillars you need to master in order to be a successful Amazon seller.


Establishing your costs is key to being successful on Amazon. Not only will you learn to effectively calculate them, you will also learn the strategy behind growing your profits using the system.

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From creating scroll-stopping listings to advertising on Amazon, learn my best practices to get seen on the platform... and more importantly bring in the sales!

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The GREATEST underestimated aspect of selling on Amazon. This is something I spent much time and money figuring out and you will learn it - the easy way.

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I have spent much time and money learning all these strategies the hard way and I am sharing them all with you!

Program overview

Specifically, the program covers 7 key factors to creating great sales on Amazon

  • Efficient product listings

  • FBA Shipments

  • Advertising

  • Costs

  • Logistics

  • Useful Tools

  • Key planning elements, tips and advice

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You will walk out of this class with:

  • Your step by step plan to start generating sales on Amazon
  • Actual hands-on practice on the platform, I believe in implementing solutions and not only reading about them
  • The confidence to start your Amazon business instead of feeling trapped or paralyzed

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Hi! I'm Priscilla

Not so long ago, I was an overwhelmed and exhausted mom who was constantly struggling to balance work and family.

I woke up one day with an absolute certitude: something needed to change.

So I decided to use my 10 years of marketing experience to create an Amazon business that would allow me to spend more time with my kids... while still making enough money to give them the life they deserved.

Little did I know that this would generate more revenue than I ever thought possible.

In a few years

My business has grown...  

I made it to the top 2%
of Amazon sellers in the USA

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And my goal now is to help others do the same!

I can't take more products on my plate - after all, the whole point of having my business is to spend time with my little ones! But I can help you :

  • Create a flexible lifestyle - without sacrificing your financial situation
  • Or creating a lucrative side business if going all in is not for you yet
  • Feel empowered by your results
  • Finally be rewarded for the effort you put in...  (SO motivating, you will get addicted to seeing your sales grow)
  • Have a work-life balance that fits you. Maybe you have kids like me, or just want more time to surf at the beach (I wish!)

Don't just believe my word for it...

Working with Priscilla has been business changing.

I cannot say enough great things about what she has done for our business.

If you have the chance to ever work with her, GO FOR IT!

-Emmanuelle, Marketing director at Escuminac

I am looking forward to helping you with the webinar!

Talk soon,